Helderberg Target Archery

Membership Information

N.B. If you are looking to start out in archery please have a look at this page

Whether you’re a seasoned archer or have never shot an arrow before we welcome new members.
There are, however, a few terms and conditions for becoming a member of Helderberg Target Archery Club as stated below…

  • Unfortunately hunters, crossbows, bows above 60lbs and broad head arrows will not be permitted
  • Only members of Helderberg Target Archery will be allowed to use the archery range.
  • Visitors accompanied by members are welcome, fees will apply.

Membership affiliation fees for the provincial and/or national archery bodies are not included in club membership fees.
Please note that SANAA recognized tournaments requires a full SANAA membership which may be obtained directly from SANAA.

By completing and submitting the membership form you hereby –

  • Agree to abide by the Constitution, By Laws and rules of Helderberg Target Archery (HTA);
  • Acknowledge that you am aware of or will familiarise myself with the nature and extent of the sport of Archery and the risks and dangers to which you may be exposed to as a result of my participation, which I voluntarily accept;
  • Agree not to hold liable, Indemnify and keep indemnified HTA, Vredenburg Manor House, WCAF, SANAA and also any agents, guests or other persons associated against all or any injury, loss, damage, costs and/or expenses which you and/or any other person may sustain or incur as a result of your participation at HTA.

Aside from all that, ensure you enjoy yourself but please remember to always be safe and be mindful of others on the range.

If you would like more information and club fees please email us on